BEWARE! Amazon India Is Blocking Customer Accounts Without Any Forecast

Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping portals and a leading player in the Indian eCommerce arena, is recently denying some customers from accessing their shopping website. Shyam Pareek is one of them.

Amazon India is blocking customer accounts

Recently, he ordered a newly launched smart phone, One Plus 5 from India’s “aapni dukan” and paid all the required amount to buy that phone.

He took a breath of relief. He was happy with his order. But his happiness didn’t last long.

Shockingly, he got an email from Amazon India customer service – “Your order cannot be shipped“. Here is the screenshot of his email:

Amazon India blocking customer accounts

In this email, support team gave him a reason of blocking his account. Here is the line: “We could not confirm your payment information” and they asked him to fax these details –

• A copy of his e-statement
• His name, phone number and the email address registered to his Amazon India account

After seeing this email he contacted Amazon to discuss the issue but again the Amazon support team asked him to fax the details. “Who uses fax in today’s time?” He added. After contacting the customer support umpteen times, eventually, he tried to fax all those details to and traveled 5 hours distance to send the fax. After 2 days of sending it, he got a reply from Amazon

Amazon India blocking customer accounts

Now he is saying, “I’m done wasting my time and money with you guys! Going to take legal action against what you have done with me!”. Shyam shared his issues on Amazon India’s Facebook page and got the same reply again. He is also running a campaign on Facebook to boycott Amazon India.

I got another such incident on Facebook. Gevarghese, who recently made shopping of Rs.3460 and after making the successful payment, he also got the same email from Amazon India.

Amazon India blocking customer accounts

Finally, I want to tell that India is the fastest growing e-commerce market. So, take this matter seriously and provide an amiable solution to all customers like Shyam.