Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps : In my last article, I talked about how to use Jio TV without Jio SIM. But today I come with a  bundle of apps that gives free recharge for talk time and free data. Plus, at the end of this post, I will share a bonus post which will help you to earn 500MB free data from Airtel.

free recharge earning apps

We know that many apps are available in the market which will give you free recharge but generally we can’t find right apps; some of them are fake or does not give us money easily. Frustrated by these irritated apps we leave the whole process. We spend a lot of time to find out a hassle free app from the market.

So, again I like to share my experience with you. In this article, I will tell you 5 free recharge earning apps that will reduce your phone bill with less effort.

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps

Now let me give you the names of these free recharging apps and how to use these apps properly.

1. True Balance App – One of the best free recharge earning apps

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

This is one of the apps which will give you free talk time. Follow these steps to get free talk time easily.

• Download the app from Play Store.

• Register on this app and after your successful registration, turn on accessibility setting from “Settings” in which app will guide you.

• First, you will get 10 rupees from “Earn” column. On the top of the app, you will find out a lucky coin sign where you test your luck and earn up to rupees 2 per day.

• Share this app with your unique referral link and get 10 rupees every time whenever you friend will complete registration with your referral link. There is no limit of earning.


NOTE: You need to be a new user and referral code bonus will apply on first user, new device. Please view earning map before referring that clear your concept easily.

2. Data Back – Data Refunding App

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

Databack is one of the important apps where you can store data and redeem them as your free data on phone. This app will offer you free data pack without any recharge every month. It’s absolutely free.

Follow these steps to get free data

1. Download Data Back app from Google Play Store.
2. Open the app and register. The mobile number need to present on the device.
3. After registration, open the app and use any one app from the entire list to get free data.
4. After using the app, return to Databack app where the app will save data on the top.
5. At the down, you will find a spinning wheel. Tap on that to test your luck and win free data.

The recharge starts when you will collect data over than 150MB.

NOTE: • Open the app and use the apps from the list. If you open app directly the app can not gift your data. • Recharge is only available in every month, not every time when you need. • Share with your friends and get 100MB extra. • You can save 10mb per day and 45mb per week.

3. Taskbucks – Free Recharge Earning App

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

This app comes with free recharge. It gives you free recharge when you will complete the task. It also gives you Paytm cash if you don’t want to recharge.

Now, I’m going to discuss how to use this app (step by step).

• Download the app from play store.
• Open the app and complete the registration.
• After opening the app, you will see some apps that appearing on the screen.
• Tap on the app to view earning details.
• Complete the task to get credit. When you will earn minimum Rs.30 you can initiate a recharge or send Paytm cash of Rs.20. Because recharge starts from Rs.30.

Share the app with your friends from “Get 25” option through the link and get 25 rupees. However, it is not sure that you will get money from reference.

4. Ladooo – Free Recharge Earning App

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

This app is one of the apps which works similarly like Taskbucks app. The app will give you more credit than Taskbucks but the recharge starts from Rs.

Now let me tell you how to use Ladooo app.

• Download the app from Play Store
• Open the app and register
• After successful registration, you will see the apps from where you can get credit.
• Tap on the app to get detail of earning
• Tap on “Get” option to download the app and to earn

The credit will be credited to your account within 24  hours.

NOTE: • You will get after completed task, • Refer to your friend through referral link to earn more. • Download real app ladooo because many false Ladooo apps are now available in the market.


5. Earn Talktime (ETT) – Free Recharge App

Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Apps + Trick to Get 500MB Free Data From Airtel

This is one of the great apps where you will find some apps which will give credit if you download them at some condition.

Now Follow these steps to use Earn Talktime app.

• Download the app from Google Play Store.
• Open the app and register on the app with your mobile number.
• After the successful registration, a host. of apps in the list will appear before you.
• Choose your favourite app which you want to download.
• Tap on the app and read all the conditions about that to get credit.

You can also earn money by referring your friends.

NOTE: Minimum payout is starting from Rs.47 in Ladooo.

So guys enjoy these apps and reduce your phone bill and I’m sure you will love these free recharge earning apps.

Bonus Post: How to Get 500MB Data Free from Airtel

500MB Free Data Airtel

Now again I come with free data offer from Airtel. It is not a hacking trick but a gift from Airtel.

Airtel is one of the biggest networks in India. It has a large number of customers in India from others (Jio, Vodafone and  Idea). Recently, Vodafone and Idea merged their spectrum for better service at low cost.

However, Airtel through their app they were offering from the internet. Some day ago the company were offering 1.2GB night data for downloading the official Airtel app.

This time Airtel is giving free data through the same official app. But it is not night data. It comes with a validity of 30 days.

Now let me discuss the step by step guide to get 500 MB 3G data from Airtel.

1. You have to download airtel app from play store
2. After the successful installation, open the app.
3. To register on this app, please give your 10 digit airtel number and tap on the below button
4. You will get an OTP through SMS. Airtel app will automatically verify your number.
5. After that go to the app’s options section. Here you will find “Airtel TV” option with free 500MB data.
6. Tap on the Airtel TV app. Then play store will be automatically opened.
7. Download the app from the Google Play Store.
8. After successful installation, open the app.
9. A pop up will appear with a registration page. Click on the register button, give your Airtel number on the app and click on OTP option.

BINGO! you have been gifted free 500MB 3G data from Airtel. Enjoy the free data!

NOTE: This offer is currently working in West Bengal circle. If you are from any other state then please try it and comment whether it is working or not.

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