Jio TV Without Jio SIM Card : Enjoy Jio TV on any Smart Phone

Do you want to use Jio TV without Jio SIM Card? If yes then read this post.I’m sure you will love this trick.

jio tv without jio sim

Jio, an LTE network, comes with a host of free services like free call along with data, Jio Music, Jio Money, Jio TV and much more. It helps to reduce all the tariff cost of her networks. Nowadays they are providing free data and calls but not any other services like Music or TV (except Airtel).

It is difficult to get free TV service from their network. But here is some trick that will allow enjoying free Jio TV for non-Jio users. Which is really interesting! You will get all channels without paying a single penny and you will enjoy TV without any interruption.

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Now I’m going to discuss the actual trick step by step to use Jio TV without Jio SIM Card.

How to Enjoy Jio TV Without Jio SIM Card

1. You need to connect your phone to any Jio hotspot network (Jio-Fi or any Jio sim enabled hotspot).

Note: If you connect any other hotspot then this trick will not work.

2. After getting wifi connection you have to download Jio TV from Google Play Store and install it.

3. After the successful installation, open Jio TV app on your smartphone.

4. After opening the app, it will show you Login or Sign Up page.

5. Tap on “Skip Sign in” option. That’s it. Your Jio TV app is ready to view. Click on any channel and enjoy free channels.

The server will gather data from jio sim automatically from where you have taken connection. If you want Star Networks then you need to work more because Jio TV has not permission to stream Star Channels.

To watch channels of Start Networks follow these steps:

1. You need to download hotstar from Play Store.

2. After installing hotstar, open it. It will display the login page. Tap on “skip sign up” because you are currently connected as a Jio user.

3. Open the Jio TV app and click on any Star Channel, hotstar will automatically open and show you star channels.

• You need to connect any kind of jio hotspot ( jiofi or mobile hotspot).

• Make sure the Jio user is using a Jio plan. If the plan is expired then Jio TV will not show you the channels.

However, enjoy the TV channels anywhere, anytime. After completing the registration you don’t need to connect anymore on Jio hotspot. It will work on any wifi or any cellular data. If you need any help then you should contact Jio customer care.

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