This Man Ordered A Motorola Smartphone Through Amazon India and Got A Vim Bar Instead. What’s Going On?

Manoj Chaudhary, lives in New Delhi, ordered a Moto G5s Plus smartphone from on 8th September 2017. He was very happy with his order.

Ordinarily, the package delivered to him after 2 days. But what happened after that was shocking. When he opened the package, he saw a Vim bar inside.

Vim bar inside smartphone box

He made a payment of Rs.16,079. He already submitted a complaint on Amazon instantly.

First of all, Amazon support team asked him to wait for 3-5 working days for completing the investigation and then again asked him to upload a copy of Identity proof and he successfully uploaded a copy of Driving License.

But now Amazon India telling that they will not provide any replacement or refund. It has been already more than 20 days but I’m not getting any response from Amazon.Now I’m feeling that Amazon is not safe for shopping. — Manoj Chaudhary.

Look at Manoj’s post that he posted on Facebook after contacting Amazon India:

Amazon delivers wrong product
Credit: Facebook

We know that sometimes it happens due to mistake. But company’s too much mistake can be pernicious for customers so we think it should be resolved soon.

A few days ago Shyam Pareek also faced such a huge problem and we moved ahead to solve the problem and finally, the problem was solved. Amazon helped him too early after publishing his incident on our site.

If anyone facing similar issues then please let us know. Email us at [email protected]. We will help you.

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