Peerless Hospital Doctor List – Full Details

Peerless Hospital Doctor List

Peerless Hospital Doctor List

Peerless Hospital doctor list: In this post, we are sharing full doctor list of Peerless Hospital, Kolkata. Do bookmark this page for your future purpose. If you need any more details of Peerless Hospital then you can comment below. If you want to lodge a complaint then please visit here – Submit a Complaint.

Peerless Hospital Doctor List – Full Details of Doctors


  1. Dr Ashim Kumar Dey (MS, MCh)
  2. Dr Ashoke Bandyopadhyay (MS, MCh)
  3. Dr Pradeep Kumar Sarkar (FRCS, Edin)
  4. Dr Santanu Dutta (MS, Mch, PhD)

Department: CARDIOLOGY

  1. Dr Anjan Lal Dutta (MD, DM, FCCP)
  2. Dr Devanu Ghosh Roy (MD, DM, MRCP, FRCP)
  3. Dr Indrani Shyam (DNB – General Medicine, DNB – Cardiology)
  4. Dr Kushal Vikram (MD, DM – Cardio)
  5. Dr Madhumita Kuila (MD – Paed, DM – Cardio)
  6. Dr Pradyot Kumar Jha (MD, MRCP)
  7. Dr Saubhik Kanjilal (MD, DM – Cardiology)
  8. Dr Soumik Chaudhuri (MD, DM – Cardio)
  9. Dr Swapan Paul (MD, DM)


  1. Dr Anindita Chatterjee (PhD – Clinical Psychology)

Department: DENTAL

  1. Dr Abhik Pyne (MDS – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
  2. Dr Abir Mukherjee (BDS – Cal)
  3. Dr Bishnupada Samanta (BDS – Dental Surgeon)
  4. Dr Debadeep Chakravarty (BDS, FDSRCS)
  5. Dr Nidhi Kanchan Nihal (BDS, FAGE, MDS)
  6. Dr Pallav Kumar Ghosal (BDS, MDS)
  7. Dr Piyali Datta (MDS)
  8. Dr Sandeep Kumar Mitra (BDS)
  9. Dr Sandeep Chowdhury ( BDS, MDS)
  10. Dr Subhas Seth (BDS, MDS)


  1. Dr Dwijen Ganguly (DVD, MD, MS)
  2. Dr Abhijit Saha (MD)
  3. Dr P K Jha (MD, DVD, CCN)
  4. Dr Purva Mehta (MBBS, DNB)
  5. Dr Siddhartha Das (MD, DVD)
  6. Dr Sukanya Banerjee (MD)

Department: Diabetology and Endocrinology

  1. Dr Amarta Sankar Chowdhury (MD, DM)
  2. Dr Kalyan Kumar Gangopadhyay (MD, MRCP, CCST)
  3. Dr Samir Dasgupta (MD)
  4. Dr Sujoy Majumdar (MD, MRCP, FRCP, MACE)


  1. Dr Indranil Dasgupta (MRCS, MCEM)
  2. Dr Indranil Mitra (MBBS, MEM)
  3. Dr Ranjan Dutta (GWU, U.S.A)
  4. Dr. Saptarshi Saha (MBBS, FEM, MEM)
  5. Dr Sudip Chakraborty (MBBS, MEM)
  6. Dr Suvendu Das (MBBS, MEM)


  1. Dr Ashis Kumar Saha (MS – ENT, DNB)
  2. Dr Deepjoy Basu (MS – ENT)
  3. Dr Dulal Bose (MS, DLO, FIAMS, DNB)
  4. Dr Faisal Danish (DLO)
  5. Dr Kamalendu Haldar (MS, DNB)
  6. Dr M N Bhattacharya (DLO, DOHNS, MRCS)
  7. Dr Shauvanik Satpathy (MS – ENT)

Department: Gastro Medicine

  1. Dr Ashokananda Konar (MD, MRCP, FRCP)
  2. Dr Bhaskar Bikash Pal (MD, DM – Gastro)
  3. Dr J R Mahapatra (MD, DM, MRCP)
  4. Dr Jaya Ghosh Chatterjee (DNB)
  5. Dr P P Bose (MD, DM)
  6. Dr Sabyasachi Roy (MRCP, FACP, FRCP)
  7. Dr Sujit Kar Purkayastha (MD, DCH, MRCP, FRCP)
  8. Dr T N Lahiri Majumder (MD, DM, AIIMS)

Department: Gastro Surgery

  1. Dr Abir Banerjee (MD, FRCS)
  2. Dr Achintya Roy (MS, FRCS, FICS)
  3. Dr Dipanakar Sengupta (MS, FRCS)
  4. Dr Sibnath Mandal (MS, FRCS, MRCS, CCST)
  5. Dr Somak Das (MS, DNB)
  6. Dr Sumit Sanyal (MS, MCH)

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