Casino Bonus India 2023

Bonuses refer to the credit or extra spins offered by casinos to first-time members or loyal regular members. Casino bonuses enhance the player's deposit and increase their chances of a high payout. Bonuses can also be a great way for new players to explore new games in a casino without extra cash.

The Best Casino Bonuses in India

AB4 Casino review
Min. Deposit:₹750
Min. Withdraw:₹1000
Mobile Capability:
Welcome offer: ₹50
Tutorials: registration, withdrawing, deposit
Pure Win Casino review
Min. Deposit:₹500
Min. Withdraw:₹850
Mobile Capability:
Welcome offer: ₹50
Tutorials: Videotutorials
JeetWin casino
Min. Deposit:₹650
Min. Withdraw:₹1000
Mobile Capability:
Welcome offer: +100% First Deposit Bonus
Tutorials: Step by Step
Bollywood Casino review
Min. Deposit:₹500
Min. Withdraw:₹1000
Currencies:$, €, ₹
Mobile Capability:
Welcome offer: 350% + 100FS up to ₹50,000
Tutorials: Step by Step

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus refers to the extra spins or some extra credit deposited to your betting account by the casino. Bonuses can be used as a great way of inviting new players into the casino or rewarding regular loyal players. Casinos offer various types of bonuses such as free play, free spins, cashback, welcome bonus, high roller bonus, referral bonus and reload bonuses. Bonuses are a great way to reduce a player’s losses and also improve their winning chances.

10 Casinos With the Best Bonuses

  1. Pure Win: Pure Win is a high-end betting platform that offers a wide variety of games to bet on. Pure Win has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for new players. The casino offers a welcome bonus of up to 90,000INR. The casino offers a matching bonus to the bet amount offered. The casino has a wagering requirement of x35.
  2. Europa Casino: The Europa casino is quite popular among many players due to the long-standing bonuses it offers. For every deposit made by a player, the casino offers a 100% bonus for the first month after the player joins the betting platform. The casino has a wagering requirement of 30x. Europa casino also offers other types of bonuses for regular players.
  3. Lucky Nicki: Lucky Nicki offers a wide variety of gaming options for the players and an amazing welcome bonus for new players. The casino matches up the first deposit with a 100% bonus value. The casino offers 250 free spins, which are offered over the first new week of joining. The casino’s wagering requirement is at 30x.
  4. Genesis Casino: Genesis is a five-star rated high-end casino with an amazing array of games to bet on. The casino offers various payment methods for making deposits, including UPI. Genesis Casino offers a welcome bonus of up to 30,000INR with an additional offer of 20 spins. The spins are offered over the first four days after joining the platform. The Genesis Casino has a wagering requirement of 40x.
  5. Spinit: Spinit offers a 100% matching bonus for the first deposit of up to 10,000INR and 20 free spins. Matching bonuses of 50% and 25% are offered for the consecutive bets in Spinit of up to 30,000INR. Spinit offers a wagering requirement of 40x.
  6. Jospin: JVspin offers a high-quality user interface with a welcome bonus on the first four deposits of up to 120,000INR. The platform also offers 250 free spins for some of the games they offer. Jospin offers a wagering requirement of 35x. The platform also offers other types of bonuses and promotions to regular players.
  7. Vegas Hero: Vegas Hero casino has a wide variety of gaming options making use of RNG to facilitate an amazing and fair gaming experience for the players. Vegas Hero also offers a welcome bonus for new players for the first four deposits they make of up to 30,000INR. The new players also get 20 free spins for the stardust game. Vegas Hero has a wagering requirement of 40x. Other than the best casino welcome bonuses, the casino also offers other bonus types to reward loyal players.
  8. Leo Vegas: The Leo Vegas casino offers a 100% matching bonus for first-time players of up to 80,000 with free spins. The casino is really popular due to its fast withdrawals and numerous methods of payment. Leo Vegas also gives free spins to new players for a few select games.
  9. Betway: Betway offers a wide variety of games to choose from when placing bets. Betway also offers various types of bonuses and promotions for new and loyal players. For new players, the casino offers a 100% matching bonus of up to 60,000INR. New players also get free spins for some games offered on the platform.
  10. Royal Panda: The Royal Panda is a four-star rated casino with a high-end interface that is easy to navigate. Welcome bonuses are offered to new players at a 100% matching rate of up to 100,000INR. The casino also offers various promotions and cashback for loyal players.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Most casinos offer new and loyal player’s money to place bets in the casino as a way of showing gratitude. Bonuses are differentiated by the amounts and wagering requirements of the bonuses offered. 

  • No Deposit Bonus

For a no deposit bonus, the casino offers money for new players to bet without requiring them to make deposits. It is a great way to check out new casinos without making a financial commitment to the casino.

They are also a good marketing strategy for most casinos that use them. No deposit bonuses are usually quite low in amount for most casinos. This type of bonus is mostly used as a way to introduce players to new casinos and is offered from time to time.

  • Casino Welcome Bonus

A high majority of casinos offer a welcome bonus to their new players. Welcome bonuses mainly consist of money and free spins for some games offered by the casino. 

The welcome bonuses give new players a good impression of the casino and encourage them to invite new players to the platform. New players are likely to become loyal players of a casino when they get a good welcome bonus. For most casinos, the free spins are distributed over a few days after signing up.

For example, a casino offers a 100% matching bonus for new players as the welcome bonus with 200 free spins. The free spins could be distributed over a period of four days, with the player getting 50 free spins every day.

  • Cashback Bonus

This is arguably one of the best online casino bonuses. For cashback bonuses, a player gets a certain percentage of the turnover or the loss made. Different casinos offer different percentages for cashback.

 For example, a casino may offer a 25% cashback on the turnover made. If a player has wagered 10,000INR, the player gets a 2,500INR bonus. However, different casinos have rules and regulations about such bonuses, and it’s important to read them first before betting.

  • Casino Reload Bonus

A casino reload bonus refers to a type of bonus offered to players after every deposit they make into the betting account. This type of bonus is, however, rare since most players often reload their accounts. This type of bonus is used to motivate players to continue placing bets on various games in the casino.

  • Friend Referral Casino Bonus

Most casinos provide links on their homepage that can be used to invite new players to the casino. Various social media messengers such as WhatsApp and Facebook are used to share the invite links to other potential players. The casino may at times offer bonuses to players who invite new players. For every new referral made, a player gets a certain amount of the best free online casino bonuses or free spins.

  • High Roller’s Bonus

The high roller bonuses are given to players who make high-value deposits for betting into their accounts. The more money a player uses in his account, the higher the chances of getting a high roller bonus. This bonus is used as a means to encourage players to place high-value bets. The high roller bonus is also used as a means to reduce the losses made by such players.

  • Free Spins

This is among the best new casino bonuses offered by Indian casinos. The players get free spins for some games offered by the casino. Free spins may be combined with bonuses to make up for a welcome bonus.

With free spins, a player can enjoy a variety of games and get a chance to win the biggest casino bonuses without having to risk their money. Most casinos use free spins as a way to introduce new games to the casino. Free spins help to popularize the new games introduced to a casino.

  • Free Bets

Some casinos at times offer free bets for their loyal customers. For free bets, a fixed amount of money is put in the player’s account to enable them to place a bet at no cost. Free bets are a great way to reward loyal players and also invite new players to play in the casino games.

Other Promotions by Online Casinos

Matching Bonus: Matching bonus refers to bonuses that match the deposit made by the player. This type of bonus is very common among casinos. For instance, a casino may offer a 100% matching bonus of up to 30,000INR. When a player deposits a bet amount of 15,000INR, they get a bonus of 15,000INR and, therefore, a total of 30,000INR to bet with. However, if a player places a bet of 40,000INR, he gets a bonus of 30,000INR since that’s the maximum amount for the bonus.

Payment method bonus: This type of bonus is offered to players who use a certain method of payment to deposit money into their casino account. These bonuses are used as a means of encouraging customers to use a certain method of payment when depositing money games. The more times a player uses the payment method, the more bonuses the player gets. In some cases, the casino may offer free spins for some of the games they have on their portfolio.

Loyalty bonus: Loyalty bonuses, as the name implies, are used to reward loyal players in a casino. The most frequent players at the casino are at times given bonuses by the casino as an expression of gratitude for their support. For a player to receive loyalty bonuses, they must have been regular players in the casino for over a long period of time.

Monthly bonuses: These variations of bonuses are not very popular. They involve bonuses given to players every one-month period. They are used as a way to reduce losses for players and also as a means of appreciation by the casino.

Intermediate Bonuses

Intermediate bonuses refer to bonuses that are offered with equal chances for both loyal and first-time players in a betting platform. They may involve free spins for a particular slot game. These types of bonuses may offer high wagering options due to their specific conditions, which are usually balanced to give equal chances to all players. Below are some intermediate bonuses.


This type of bonus involves tournaments for a particular game slot, whereby the player is not required to make a deposit to participate in the tournament. This bonus offers equal opportunity for players to win big when they get first place in the tournament.

Daily deals

Daily deals involve daily bonuses offered to loyal players to supplement their bet amounts. The daily deals may be offered as free spins or bonuses for a particular game. However, the bonuses come with wagering requirements and a withdrawal limit.

Comp points

Some betting platforms at times offer loyalty points according to the number of times a player participates in a certain game. These loyalty points can be changed to cash drops or free spins at a later time after accumulating them.

Other Types of Casino Bonuses

2nd and 3rd Bonuses – These bonuses are offered to the player during the third and second time they make deposits into their betting accounts. The players also get a welcome bonus on their first deposit to the casino. The bonuses are used as a method to encourage new players to play more and more games.

Reward Multipliers – Some casinos offer special bonuses known as reward multipliers on some of their game slots. The reward multiplier increases your winnings by a certain multiple. Some of the best slots casino bonuses may have up to 100x multipliers for winnings.

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus – Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, most casinos now accept bitcoin as a means of payment. Some casinos offer very good bonuses for players making bitcoin deposits. 

How Does An Online Casino Bonus Work?

A bonus refers to extra cash given to casino players by the casino as a show of gratitude or as an incentive to encourage new players to take part in more games offered by the casino. Upon making a deposit in your betting account, the casino may offer you an extra 100% match of the money you waged. Some casinos also offer additional free spins for the welcome bonus. 

Bonuses come with wagering requirements. This is stipulated in the casino’s tutorials rules and regulations. Before making use of bonuses, you should consider the wagering requirements of the bonus given.

The best casino deposit bonuses are definitely the welcome bonus. It is also the most common type of bonus in most casinos. Before placing bets on a particular casino, you should first establish whether they offer bonuses. Bonuses greatly boost a player’s chances of winning big. However, some casinos have withdrawal limits for the bonuses they offer. This reduces cases of players who only create a betting account to get the bonuses instead of taking part in betting games.

How Do Wager Requirements Work?

For most casinos, certain requirements have to be met before a player can withdraw the bonus in their account. In some cases, a player is required to wager a bet higher than the bonus amount. However, wager requirements above 35x are not advisable. By accepting wager requirements above 35x, the chances of losing the deposit become higher for the player.

What Casinos in India Offer the Most Generous Bonuses?

  1. Jonny jackpot – The Jonny jackpot is a 4.85 stars rated casino that offers a wide variety of games to pick from. The casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% matching the bet amount with a limit of up to 100,000INR. The casino offers 20 free spins for selected game slots. The wagering requirement for the bonuses is 35x.
  2. Betway – The Betway casino has a 4.9-star rating and has one of the best online casino signup bonuses. The casino offers a first deposit bonus of up to 90,000INR. The casino has a wagering requirement of 30x and does not offer any free spins.
  3. Jeet Play – Jeet play offers a welcome bonus of up to 70,000INR. The welcome bonus is a 100% match of the bet amount placed. Jeet play has a 4.8-star rating and offers a wagering requirement of 25x. The casino also offers other bonus types, such as referral bonuses and high roller bonuses.
  4. Megarush – The Megarush casino offers its players a 100% matching welcome bonus of up to 30,000INR and an extra 100 spins for certain games. The wagering requirement for Megarush is at 25x, which is quite a favorable rate.
  5. Leo Vegas – This casino offers a pretty high welcome bonus of up to 80,000. The bonus is offered as a 100% match of the bet amount. The Leo Vegas casino also offers one of the best wagering requirements at 15x.

Claiming Casino Bonuses

Many casinos offer different types of bonuses on their betting platform. However, for the player to claim the bonuses, a few factors have to be put into consideration. Bonuses have wagering limits, and some may also have a withdrawal limit for their bonuses. For a player to withdraw his bonuses, some conditions have to be met first.

A Quick Guide on How to Claim An Online Casino Bonus

  1. The first step is identifying the best bonuses casino. This can be done by making a comparison of several casinos’ bonus amounts and the wagering requirement they have.
  2. After identifying the casino that offers the best bonuses online casino and wage requirements, the next step is creating an account of the casino of choice. An account is created by filling out the registration details required by the casino.
  3. The next step after registering is to make a deposit into your account for betting. However, some casinos may offer bonuses without requiring deposits from the players.
  4. Most casinos offer the best welcome bonuses casino at a 100% matching rate with the amount deposited. For a player to get a bonus, they are required to make a deposit into the betting account first.
  5. For the player to actually withdraw the bonus, the wagering requirement has to be put into consideration. Different casinos have different wager requirements. A player is required to bet a certain multiple of the bonus offered to be able to withdraw the bonus.
  6. Some casinos offer a bet limit on the bonus amount. This reduces some players’ tendency to register to only get the bonuses.

Factors to Consider when Claiming Casino Bonuses

The wagering requirements

This is one of the most important factors to consider in claiming casino bonuses. A wagering requirement is given in multiple and states the number of times a player is required to roll over his bonus funds. A player is required to make a bet higher than the bonus amount for him to be able to make a withdrawal of the bonuses. A 35x wager is considered a favorable wagering requirement.

The duration of the bonus

Most bonuses are made available to players for only a certain period of time. Before making a claim on a bonus, one should first establish the date to find out if the bonus is still available to the players.

Games with bonuses

Not all games in a casino have a bonus. The first step when making a bonus claim is finding out which games have a bonus. Bonuses can be used as a marketing strategy for newly launched games to encourage people to take part in them.

The type of bonus offered

There are different bonus types provided by casinos, and they include, welcome bonus, reload bonus and no deposit bonus. Different bonus types have different wagering requirements. For example, the best deposit casino bonuses do not require the player to deposit money for them to get the bonus. The bonus is offered after the player registers an account. A player should have a good understanding of the bonus type when making a claim.

How to Establish the Best Online Casino Bonus for You

  • The first step when picking the internet casino bonus that is best for you is picking a casino that you like. The online casino best bonuses are the welcome bonus for most players. You should find a casino that offers games you enjoy playing.
  •  After finding your casino of choice, it’s important to compare the wagering requirements of various casinos to establish the casino with the best rates.
  • To claim a bonus, the player is required to play a couple of games to attain the wagering requirement. It’s therefore very important to find a casino that has a wide variety of games and a user-friendly interface.
  • You should also find a casino that supports your methods of payment. This makes it easier to deposit the bet amounts and withdrawal of winnings.

Expert Bonuses for Advanced Players in India

Some bonuses are very high in value and come at more risky wagering requirements. In some instances, the player may need to roll over about 50 times just to meet the wagering requirements.

However, these types of bonuses have very high values. Some bonuses may even take a week of playing to meet the wagering requirements. Expert bonuses are considered the top online casino bonuses due to their high value. There are various types of expert bonuses for advanced players.

  • VIP clubs

Some players who regularly play high-stakes games are at times invited to join VIP clubs of the casino. Upon joining the VIP club, special bonuses are awarded to such players. The VIP players may get perks such as a personal account manager and birthday bonuses. These bonuses encourage the players to continue betting more on the casino and also significantly increase the winning chances of the expert players.

  • Raffles

Raffles is a marketing method in online casinos to motivate players to bet more on the casino. The raffles are tickets or small cash rewards awarded to loyal customers. Some raffles may be offered on a daily basis. The raffles have a mysterious aspect to them, and this encourages players to play more games with the expectation of landing a lucky raffle.

  • High roller bonuses

This is the best online casino bonus offer for expert players. High roller bonuses are offered to players who place high bet amounts on their games. The casino rewards such players with bonuses as an incentive to bet more.

The bonuses can also be used as a way to reduce the player’s losses. The high roller bonuses tend to have tough wagering conditions, and this is partly due to the high amounts involved. It’s important to view the wagering requirements of a high roller bet before making a deposit for it.

Bonus Terms

Game eligibility: Bonuses are offered on specific games and slots for free spins. Not all games in a casino can be played using bonuses. Games such as live dealer games have their own specific bonuses. Before claiming a bonus, it’s important to establish the eligibility of the game for the bonus.

Wager requirements: Before a player can withdraw a bonus, they are required to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times. The ideal wager requirement is 25x.

Maximum/minimum deposit limit: This refers to the amount a player is required to deposit so as to claim the bonus and the maximum amount of the bonus the player can withdraw.

Minimum/maximum stake limit: This refers to the highest and lowest amount of money one can wager in a single round. Each round of a gambling game has a minimum and maximum stake limit.

Withdrawals and win caps: The winning caps inform the player of the maximum amount of money they are likely to win from free spins and bonuses. In some cases, the caps are used to establish the maximum amount a player can withdraw from winnings obtained through free spins or bonuses.

Method of payment validity: For some bonus types, not all payment methods are acceptable. Before claiming a bonus, it’s important to first establish whether the bonus can be withdrawn using your available method of payment.

Validity period: Most bonuses are valid for a certain period of time. A player can only receive a bonus if they have played the game during the specified bonus period. More information on bonuses can be found on our blog. We have all the current articles and news there.

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